Mazerolle Family History

In 1661, Louis Mazerolle (nicknamed Saint-Louis) came from France to North America (more precisely Grand- Pré, Nouvelle-Écosse) to settle and start a family, a community, a life.

Since then Mazerolle families have settled in a number of areas within Canada and the United States of America.

In 1992, Rodrigue, Noël and Aldéric Mazerolle gathered together to write a book: "The Mazerolle of America 1661-1994". This book recounts, to the best of the authors knowledge and research, the Mazerolle geneology.

Since then, they have continued to gather information from a number of different sources and have published more up-to-date and complete volumes of the Mazerolle history.

Mazerolles from all over America are very grateful for the efforts and persistence of these authors and researchers so that we can all benefit from this beautiful tool which helps us all better know our history.

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