About The American Mazerolle Association

In 1995, after more than three years of research and other work, a group of Mazerolles published a first book on the genealogy of Mazerolles entitled:
"Les Mazerolle en Amérique de 1661 à 1994".

Further to the publication of the book, the group seriously considered organizing a family meeting to be held in Rivière-du-Portage, NB located in the Acadian Peninsula in north-eastern New Brunswick. A provisional committee was formed during the Summer 1996 in Rivière-du-Portage, NB to begin the planning of this great gathering.

At this first meeting, those present toyed with the idea of forming an associaiton of Mazerolles which would encompass the family reunion and woudl serve as a solid support for same.

A few meetings later and after the preparaion of a proposed English and Franch version of a consitution, it was decided that this associaiton would be founded during a gathering of Mazerolles to be held within the framework of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Acadian Historical Village of Caraquet, NB on August 2nd, 1997.

Our Purpose

Mazerolle Associaiton mission is to help members of our family to regroup and create a strong sense of fraternity between all Mazerolle family members.

Who can become a member?

All persons normally identified by the name Mazerolle
All persons normally identified by a variation of the name Mazerolle
All persons who are descendants of Mazerolles
All persons connected by mariage or other with a Mazerolle


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